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My name is Jörg Zuther, year 1967. By the way, a good year for software developers, mathematicians and gamers. I'm living in Berlin, Germany, and spend most of my time working on software projects, learning more about computers, software design and project management, and playing all kinds of games. Further interests include literature (esp. science fiction and fantasy), music (I hear almost everything - with tendencies to disgust rap, hiphop, heavy metal, folk music and schmaltz) and word play.


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Potential employers and people who want to get to know me a little further may make a strike here.

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Even if you aren't interested in mathematics at all or the word "math" revives unpleasant reminiscences of your schooldays it may be worth to throw a glance at my mathematical pages. Highlights:
What's Mathematics? Funthematics
The Graph Theorists' Home Page Guide (~180kB)

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ramblings, reviews and links concerning my favourite games

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My effort to build up a comprehensive collection of links to word-related sites in the web that contain dictionaries, glossaries etc or present weird and funny word phenomena like anagrams and palindromes. Good for some laughs should be my web page The Congronant Soups Exchange (mainly in German).

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