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About This Page
On this page I'm compiling all sites that have convinced me of both their usefulness and quality. You can expect a slow growth of this page over time.
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How to Use the Internet
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How to Develop and Maintain Web Sites
General Stuff
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Work Planning
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Literature, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, And Glossaries
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Note that a general problem with software that you don't have programmed by yourself is trust. Any such softare you install on your computer - even commercial software - needs your trust since you don't know whether there are secret extra functions like spyware in it. Of course, commercial software is very unlikely to contain such rubbish (particularly if published by renowned software companies) since once it became known in the public no one would trust this software publisher again. If it comes to free- and shareware without External Link Iconopen source code, however, trust is a major issue. Keep this always in mind during browsing free- and shareware sites.
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The Silent Part of the Web
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