Disclaimer for Jörg Zuther's Website

1. Content of This Site

The author of this site does not guarantee relevance, correctness, completeness and quality of the provided informations. Claims against the author based on liability which refer to physical, substantive, non-material or spiritual damage caused by use or non-use of the provided informations or caused by use of incorrect or incomplete informations are absolutely out of the question as long as there is no provable wilful or culpable negligent fault on part of the author. All offers are not binding and subject to alteration. The author explicitely reserves for himself the right to change, to delete, to supplement and to stop or to discontinue maintaining parts of the pages or the complete site without separate announcement.

2. Links and References

Concerning direct or indirect links to external pages of the World Wide Web which are outside the sphere of responsibility of the author a liability commitment would come into force exclusively in case the author has knowledge of the contents and it would be technically possible and reasonable for him to prevent the use in case of illegal contents. Hence the author of this site explicitely declares that at the time of creation or change of each link on this site the corresponding linked pages were free of illegal content. The author of this site has no influence on the present and future design and content of the linked external pages. Therefore the author of this site distances himself from all designs and contents of all linked external pages that changed after the creation of the link. This ascertainment is valid for all external links within this webiste and for all entries in all visitor's books, mailing lists and newsgroups that are maintained by the author of this site that have been made by other people than the author. Liable for illegal, incorrect and/or incomplete contents and particularly for any harm or damage resulting of use or non-use of such informations is the supplier of the contents/informations exclusively, not somebody who references the respective publication by link.

3. Copyright and Law of Trademark

In each of his publications, the author of this site endeavours to respect the copyrights of all used graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts, to use graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts that he has created on his own or to use licence-free graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts. All trademarks that are protected and are mentioned on this site are unrestrictedly subject to the respective law of trademark and law of property of the respective registered owner. The mere mentioning of a trademark does not permit to draw the conclusion that it is not protected by rights of third persons! The copyright for all published objects that are created by the author of this site keep sticking solely to him. Unless stated otherwise, duplication or use of such graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts in other printed, electronic or other publications is not allowed without explicit permission of the author of this site.

4. Legal Bindingness of This Disclaimer

This disclaimer has to be viewed as a part of the web site that references it. Provided that parts or individual formulations of this text do not, do not any longer or do not completely fulfil the legal position in force the remaining parts of this documents stay untouched both in content and validity.

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